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03/31/14 PHD comic: 'Check it'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Check it" - originally published 3/31/2014

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New babies posing by burritos to show how massive the burritos are [15 pictures]

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Seattle’s Mexican restaurant Gorditos sells big burritos — pretty much as big as babies, as a matter of fact.

To prove it, if you bring your infant to eat with you in their first month, Gorditos will take a picture of your young next to one of their “Baby Burritos” and then give you the food for free. By participating, not only will you consume an ungodly portion of delicious Mexican food, but your progeny’s picture will be posted on their “Baby Burrito Wall.”

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 16

One participant drolly remarked,

That was the most expensive “free” burrito that I’ve ever had.

Here are some adorably tasty examples…

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 04

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 07

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 01

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 02

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 05

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 06

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 08

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 10

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 11

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 12

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 13

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 14

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 15

Gordito's Burritos and Babies - 17

Who else is hungry now…and in need of a baby to borrow?

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When I have to work with legacy systems

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Today, we are welcoming for the first time our friends from BonitaSoft as sponsor of today’s strip! They publish Bonita BPM, the well-known open source solution for business process management, strongly supported by the community. Feel free to test their tool!

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9 hours ago
Ah yes.
iPhone: 49.287476,-123.142136
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April 24, 2014


From now on, only time travel jokes.
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Windshield Raindrops

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Windshield Raindrops

At what speed would you have to drive for rain to shatter your windshield?

Daniel Butler


Raindrops are tiny. Even in the heaviest rainstorms, the water in the air weighs less than the air itself (which is one of several reasons you can't swim upward in a rainstorm). Even at very high speeds, they can't break a windshield via their momentum alone.

Under ordinary circumstances, raindrops don't damage car windshields at all. However, they can destroy the windows of supersonic aircraft.

Here's what happens when a raindrop hits a glass surface at high speed:

When the droplet makes contact with the surface, a shockwave travels back up through the droplet.

Normally, this shockwave would move at the speed of sound within the liquid—about 1300 m/s, four times faster than in air. However, at high impact speeds, this shockwave actually moves substantially faster than the speed of sound in water.

The water is squeezed between the incoming drop and the glass surface, which makes it squirt sideways in all directions. These jets of water can move even faster than the original (already supersonic) droplet, and even faster than the shockwaves we mentioned.

One paper ran a simulation of water droplets hitting a surface at 500 m/s (about Mach 1.5), and found that the water sprayed out from the point of contact at over 6000 m/s—Mach 18.[1]That's a pretty simple way to expel material at 6 km/s. I wonder if anyone's ever tried to come up with a spacecraft propulsion system using it ...

The sharp pulse from the shockwave can crack glass. The highest pressures are found in the ring around the edge of the droplet, and only exist for a tiny fraction of the impact.

In addition to the direct downward pressure, the water jetting sideways can cause damage, too. If the material has any microscopic holes, cracks, or bumps, those jets can strike them and create new cracks or widen existing ones.

Even at high speeds, a raindrop won't create a bullet hole on its own—but a long series of supersonic droplets would start to eat away at the glass, cracking and pitting it like sand.[2]This type of "erosion" can also cause damage to steam turbine blades. Eventually, the windshield could fail catastrophically.

Luckily, cars can't drive at Mach 1 without lifting off, so your windshield is safe from ordinary rain. On the other hand, if you're driving under a thunderstorm with strong updrafts ...

... the precipitation can smash your windshield at any speed.

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2 public comments
1 day ago
I wish Randall Munroe factored in the strength of windshields. I'm pretty sure* that there are less strong ones, and those may crack at significantly less speeds! :)

*read: I have a hunch
11 hours ago
I am guessing that all windshields are tested to the same standard though (in cars) so the differences are probably down to the manufacturing tolerances more than anything.
1 day ago

Stolen credit card used to buy car battery charger and sex toy with more settings than a washing machine

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An alleged thief used an English backpacker's stolen credit card to buy “a big pink vibrator with more settings than a washing machine” and a car battery charger before the card was cancelled. The credit card was allegedly stolen from the wallet of labourer Jack Critch, who ­noticed the card, and $10 cash, missing from his wallet, which he had left in his bag in the lunchroom of a building site at Parap in Australia's Northern Territory.

Mr Critch’s online banking service showed two transactions at nearby stores that morning, one for $169.95 at Sexyland and another for $119 at car accessories store Repco. “That definitely wasn’t me – I hadn’t spent any money that day,” Mr Critch’s said. “Pink’s not my colour. The first place on (the alleged thief’s) list was the dildo shop. He bought a vibrator, mate. Just a big pink vibrator.”

His boss drove him to the stores to investigate as Mr Critch, 26, cancelled his card with the bank’s fraud ­department. The helpful Sexyland staff showed him the exact model. Mr Critch was unfamiliar with brands when asked. “It didn’t have ears so it wasn’t a rabbit. It’s got more settings than my washing machine,” he said. “I had a good look around Sexyland and it’s got a good variety.”

A closer inspection of a photo showed it to be a Nalone Electro, which is where “silicone and metal combine to send waves of powerful vibration and electric pulses to intimate spots and tired muscles for a whole new level of stimulation. With Electro Magnetic Pulse technology, this wand vibrator leads the way in innovative pleasure”, according to the website. Mr Critch was perplexed by the man’s other purchase – a car battery charger. “Whether you can link them I don’t know,” he said.
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