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P.E.I. church criticized for post about webinar designed to 'protect' children during Pride Month

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A member of a Summerside, P.E.I., church is speaking out against a social media post he calls "homophobic," and looking for a new faith community.

In the post, the Summerside Community Church directed its followers to a June 17 webinar offering "practical advice for parents and grandparents to protect children from what's happening during Pride Month."

The event included B.C. pastor Kevin Cavanaugh interviewing Wilna Van Beek, author of When Gay Comes Home, who details her journey working against her same-sex attractions by embracing Jesus instead.

Stephen MacIsaac is a member of P.E.I.'s LBGTQ community and has been attending Summerside Community Church for several years. He said he was shocked and hurt by the post.

"The post they shared on Facebook is very homophobic in my eyes, and leans a lot towards conversion therapy," said MacIsaac.

Conversion therapy refers to practices which seek to change an individual's sexual orientation to heterosexual, to change an individual's gender identity to cisgender, or to change their gender expression to match the sex they were assigned at birth.

It has been banned in P.E.I. since 2019 and was made illegal in Canada in 2021. 

"I'm disappointed, you know, that the leaders of the church that you look up to and you go to when you need someone, some comfort — knowing that this is how they view myself and everybody in the community is very disheartening," said MacIsaac. 

MacIsaac has been sharing his own message of love and acceptance on his social media pages following the post — and he even had a shirt made to promote that message while he's out in the community. The T-shirt reads "LGBTQ+ or Straight, Jesus Loves All."

He said he is now looking for a new church to join, where he will feel welcomed for who he is. 

"If I'd realized this is how they view people in my situation, I would never have gone to that church," said MacIsaac.

"They can apologize, but I still know how they feel. So they would be wasting their breath. I won't be back."

'We trust God's design'

A leader at the Summerside Community Church isn't offering any apologies for the post, which has since been removed from the church's website and social media. 

Pastor Tracy Linkletter told CBC News the purpose of the webinar was to provide a space for conversation on sexuality and gender from a Christian perspective. She said everyone is welcome to attend her church.

"We understand that, you know, people come from different different views of life. We understand that," said Linkletter. "But we do also understand that, like, we're Christian, so we trust God's design for sexuality and gender. And that's what we stand on, is his design. But we welcome everyone to hear Jesus's life-saving and life-changing message."

Linkletter wouldn't specify what she means by "God's design on sexuality and gender," or share her church's views on conversion therapy.

"There's just so much around the issue of conversion therapy that I'd prefer not to comment any further on that," said Linkletter. 

She said the church has received mixed feedback on its posting about the event, and she understands that some people — including those outside her church community — aren't happy with the post. 

We always say, "There's lots of churches and we recommend you find a place that you feel safe and that you feel at home." That's very important to us.- Pastor Tracy Linkletter

When told that at least one member of her congregation plans to find a new place of worship, Linkletter said sometimes that happens. 

"We're an open community, we're a loving community, and we recognize that people, you know, at times, you know, might realise this is not the place," said Linkletter. 

"And we always say, 'There's lots of churches and we recommend you find a place that you feel safe and that you feel at home.' That's very important to us." 

Confusion and concern

For Scott Alan, youth program coordinator at PEERS Alliance, a group that supports members of the LGBTQ+ community, the tone of the Summerside Community Church post caused some confusion — and concern. 

"We were kind of wondering what they were meaning by, you know, 'how to protect children,'" said Alan. 

"They are more than welcome to have their beliefs. What concerns us more is when they start pushing those beliefs on society and making us all try to follow their personal rules and beliefs. We just like to let people be who they are and express themselves freely and openly and celebrate that," said Alan.

He said it's disappointing to see a church imply children need protection from a celebration of diverse gender identities.

"I grew up always believing that church was a place for people to experience love and community and acceptance. So to see the complete reverse from a church is a little bit upsetting," said Alan.

He pointed out that a recent article in the Canadian Medical Journal reported that youth who are trans and queer are five times more likely to have suicidal ideation than young people who aren't. They're also much more likely to attempt suicide, the article said.

It's vital to have safe spaces where people are celebrated for who they are, Alan said.

"What do you think Jesus would do?" said Alan. 

"Would He cast the first stone? Or would He love and accept our community for who we are in hopes that the Holy Spirit would work through us? And that's literally what I would ask them," he said. 

How to get help

If you are considering suicide and need immediate help, or you know someone who needs immediate help, here are some resources.

  • Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868, or text through their website.
  • Canada Suicide Prevention Service: 1-833-456-4566 or text (45645)
  • P.E.I. Helpline: 1-800-218-2885.
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RT @Friedemann1: "Aber Herr Lauterbach (RKI, Christian Drosten, ich selbst, whatever) zitiert ja auch preprints" Das ist völlig richtig, a…

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"Aber Herr Lauterbach (RKI, Christian Drosten, ich selbst, whatever) zitiert ja auch preprints"

Das ist völlig richtig, aber nicht der Punkt

Im Intro (Tweet 3 von 17) hatte ich das bereits angesprochen…

Ein Problem? Nicht unbedingt. Manchmal ist ein Thema halt so frisch, dass es nichts anderes gibt. Dieser hier ist allerdings aus dem Jahre 2020 und bis heute von keinem Journal angenommen worden.
Man beachte den letzten in blau geschriebenen Satz...

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Retweeted by Christian Drosten (c_drosten) on Monday, July 4th, 2022 3:31pm

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Mix: Kraftfuttermischwerk at Dubstation, Fusion Festival 2022

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Es war im Sommer 2012, also ziemlich genau 10 Jahre her, als ich das letzte Mal auf der Dubstation gespielt habe. Damals live und allein und ich habe wirklich großartige Erinnerungen an diesen Abend. Der Platz erschien mir damals magisch. Wirklich. Seit diesem Jahr habe ich keine Fusion mehr besucht. Keine Zeit, kein Geld, andere Prioritäten, diesdas. Ging irgendwie alles nicht.

Nachdem wir dann beim Planet:C im letzten Sommer in wirklich strömenstem Regen auf der Seebühne unser letzten Album live spielen konnten, hatte ich keine Ahnung, was auf dem Gelände des Kulturkosmos in den letzten Jahren alles so geschehen ist. Wie auch? Ich war ja nicht dort.

Dieses Wochenende nun doch. Um auf der von mir so innig geliebten Dubstation aufzulegen. Für mich eine wirklich großartige Einladung. Danke an die, die dabei waren. Ihr wisst, wer ihr seid. Es war uns ein Fest. Besonderer Dank geht an Harry, den ich endlich mal persönlich kennen lernen konnte, auch wenn ich nicht mehr taufrisch war.

Aphex Twin x Stina – Rhubarb
Autechre – Nine
Danger Dan – Eine gute Nachricht
Boards of Canada – Kid for Today
Kraftfuttermischwerk – Kolobrzeg
F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm – Desert Mule
Stumbleine – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Goldroger – MK Ultra
AzudemSK – Leipzig & ich (feat. Lone)
Mac Miller – 2009
Massive Attack – Man next door
Kraftfuttermischwerk – Bockshornklee
Desolate – In secret
Amber – Moonbathing
Frost – Overtones
Nina Simone & HONNE – My Baby Just Cares For Me
The Notwist – One with the freaks
Shed – Die Oder
Kraftfuttermischwerk – Diese Sonnenblume, Alter!
Scuba – Before
Astral Projection – Tom Middleton
Doris Days & Zero 7 – To Ulrike M.
Kraftfuttermischwerk – Es macht auch wirklich keiner mit!
Fortuna Ehrenfeld – Bad Hair Day

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Potion

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Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Later she realizes that if she'd taken it too everything would've been amazing.

Today's News:
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The Flag

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The Pride Flag in one of its more effective renditions, set in a bamboo forest on the steps leading up to a restaurant in the Shangri-La complex off Alberni Street.


This is the latest version of the flag, originated by Gilbert Baker in 1978 with its rainbow motif.  The individual colours did not have particular references then; specific colours were added later as a chevron, one of which is for trans people, and now, as of 2021, a yellow triangle for intersex equality.

No doubt there will be more variations, and a challenge to maintain inclusivity.  At some point, rather like the parade of letters – LGBTQQIP2SAA – it becomes impossible to keep up and veers into parody.  Or worse, it becomes a fractious symbol for what’s omitted or priorized – like BIPOC, which places Black rather than Indigenous at the beginning and bunches People Of Colour together without a distinct letter for Asians – which itself would be disputed by, for instance, Pacific Islanders if it did.

Discords in the desire for harmony.


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You cannot build an inclusive community by filing people away into different categories. It’s really baffling that people do not get this.

Concentrate on what we share, not what makes us different if you want to be inclusive.
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Memorial bike ride held in Vancouver for cyclist killed in dump truck collision

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A memorial bike ride was held Sunday in downtown Vancouver to honour a well-loved cyclist who lost his life in a crash in the West End last week.

Agustín Beltrán, 28, was killed in a collision with a dump truck at the intersection of Hornby Street and Pacific Boulevard on Wednesday.

Beltrán was a first-year PhD student at the University of British Columbia. He studied environmental and applied microeconomics, according to the university's website.

The memorial ride on Sunday started outside the Vancouver Art Gallery and went to the site of the deadly collision.

Cyclist Dara Poon said the city's cycling community has been reeling since the crash.

"I'm saddened to hear of the death of a fellow cyclist," she said. "It could have been anyone ... It could have been me. I ride by that intersection all the time."

She said the intersection where Beltrán died "is rather complex" for cyclists, despite having a bike lane separated from traffic.

Author and West End resident James Glave also attended the memorial. The daily cyclist said many of his peers' deaths in the city are preventable.

"We came out today to celebrate the life that was lost this past week, but also, in a way, to recognize we have a long way to go still in providing safe infrastructure for people who are vulnerable road users," he said.

"Anybody outside of a vehicle takes their life into their hands in much of this city, all of the time, every day — and there's no way it should be like that."

The director of UBC's Vancouver School of Economics released a statement Thursday mourning the loss of Beltrán.

"We are shocked and devastated over Agustín's death," wrote Patrick Francois. "This is a tremendous loss for the UBC community and our tight-knit PhD program."

Another memorial bicycle ride for Beltrán was held this weekend in Mexico City, where he earned his previous degrees.

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